AIT LogoAIT stands for Angersbach International Tours, Inc. a New Jersey based company which was founded by Gerhard "Jerry" Angersbach in 1968. Jerry came to the U.S. in 1956 after having completed his primary education in Germany. Jerry is a graduate of Monmouth College (now Monmouth University) with a Master's from Seton Hall University. Fluent in German and Spanish, and a good working knowledge of French, Italian, and several other languages, he applied his talents to a career of high school teaching and organizing European tours. Over 100,000 happy American travelers have used the travel services of AIT to various parts of the Americas and Europe since 1968. Jerry's travels over the past six decades have taken him around the world to over 80 major countries giving him a in-depth knowledge of many destinations, their surroundings, people, cultures, customs, cuisines, and lifestyles - a true veteran of the industry.

Since 1968 AIT's offices have been located in Manasquan, New Jersey, 08736 and through proper management and conservative decisions, the company continues to be successful. The company enjoys a fine reputation nationwide among travel agents, group organizers, and teachers. With the personal backing of Mr. Angersbach, the company prides itself in being financially sound.

The Angersbach Building
is a former Masonic Temple built in 1923
renovated in 1985 and now accommodating
a restaurant, an Italian Ceramic store, and several
offices on the second floor including AIT's
office. The third floor is currently being renovated.

Lufthansa, United, U.S. Airways, Icelandair, Continental, and other airlines certainly need no introduction. AIT and the above-mentioned airlines have a working relationship which spans 6 decades from the late 60's into the third millenium, and we are proud to say that you don't have to be the largest to be one of the best. "Professionalism, personalized service, good value and no surprises" is our motto, and with this in mind we forge ahead to the year 2011 and beyond.

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