Important Information

Special Tours.... Angersbach International Tours, Inc. cordially invites you to join hundreds of teachers and group organizers who have designed their own tours year after year and have directed their own programs. We will gladly get involved as much or as little as you like and provide you with whatever it is you feel you need us to do for you. Yes, traveling on your own with a small group of students will be more expensive because of the fixed cost of motorcoach, driver, and tour director. But you do have some options. If you can direct your own tour, you'll save a bit of money, and a smaller bus does cost a little less. The freedom and flexibility one has in designing one's own tour and perhaps even involving the students in the planning brings a lot of satisfaction.


Airfares The airfares (if included in the tour package) on which we base the tour price are those in effect at the time of printing the catalogue or flier and are subject to possible fuel surcharges. All groups are flown on regularly scheduled flights, NOT charter flights.

Airlines used include members of the International Air Transport Association, as well as some non-members. Among others we utilize Lufthansa, United, Delta, Icelandair, Continental, and U.S. Airways as our primary carriers. All flights are scheduled flights - NOT charters. Tickets will be mailed to group organizers two to three weeks prior to tour departure, provided that full payment has been received. Many airlines are now switching to electronic (e-tickets), so all you need do is to present your passport at check-in.

Foreign Currency Rates
Exchange rates fluctuate and may necessitate an adjustment in the tour price. If necessary, this adjustment will need to be made once we have received and exchanged your final payment.

Hotels utilized include first class hotels, as well as superior tourist class hotels. All rooms are with private bath. Generally included in the Tour Price: Roundtrip air transportation, ground transportation, meals as per the individual tour program, lodging, Tour Director, teacher chaperone on student tours, sightseeing and entrance fees, and local taxes, as described in the tour.

Not Included in the Tour Price
Lunches, dinners not specifically mentioned in the detailed itinerary, items of a purely personal nature, beverages at dinner, passport fees, and transportation between your hometown and the departure city, as well as tips to the Driver and the Tour Director. There may be currency adjustments and fuel surcharges even after final payment is received. Fuel adjustments cannot be made after we receive your final payment and forward it to the airline for ticketing.

All U.S. citizens require a VALID passport for travel to Europe. Non-citizens must review the tour package, determine what countries they will be entering and/or passing through, determine what visas will be necessary, and obtain same. Each participant is responsible for obtaining and carrying the proper documentation of citizenship. AIT will not be responsible for tour participants who are denied entry to a country or countries due to lack of, or improper documents.

Health and Medication   If you take any kind of medication on a daily basis, carry enough with you to last through the trip, and either carry a note from your doctor verifying that you must take this medication, or carry the medication in its original container with prescription number on label.

Any person wishing to depart or return on a date different from that of the group should advise AIT as soon as possible. There is a deviation charge of $150 per person, since AIT will no longer be able to take advantage of the group incentives offered by the airlines. Any additional cost to cover airfare differentials must also be borne by the participant.

Flight insurance is available at the airport, and AIT also makes suggestions on all types of travel and trip cancellation insurance. Pre-existing conditions may be covered under certain circumstances. Luggage is often covered by your homeowner's policy; check with your insurance agent prior to departure.

Import Duty
Duty may be imposed on purchases which exceed the $800 duty free allowance. Those under 21 years of age are not permitted to import any alcoholic beverages.

None are required for travel in Europe or Mexico for U.S. citizens.

Dress Code
We suggest comfortable clothing. You do not need to go out and buy a new wardrobe, however. DO keep in mind that you are representing the United States, and you will not want to make a bad impression on the Europeans, the Mexicans, or your fellow travellers. AIT's dress policy requires that no shorts be worn on any of its tours, except at beaches. Clothing with holes is not permitted at any time.

Safety Precautions
Small accidents requiring medical attention are covered by your own insurance. In case of hospitalization, we leave a competent bilingual person with anyone requiring same, and hospital staff abroad all speak English. On all tours, the participants are given the name, address and telephone number of the hotel(s) at which they will be staying. This is sent to them with their final documents.

European and Mexican customs permit young adults to consume beer or wine with meals.   

No smoking is permitted on our motorcoaches. All international and domestic flights are smoke-free. Smoke-free hotel rooms in Europe can be requested but cannot be guaranteed.

Adults (parents, relatives, etc.) 21 years of age or older participating in a student program (not as chaperones) will be assessed a surcharge of $75 for tours up to ten days in length and a $95 surcharge for tours longer than ten days. This additional cost is due to the fact that published prices (entrance fees, trains, ferries, etc.) have been based on student rates. AIT reserves the right to limit the number of adults participating in its Student Tour programs. The adult fee is not part of the tour cost, it is in addition to the tour cost.

Money -- Where to Exchange
Exchange at least $50 into the foreign currency at your local bank or at the airport to get you started. Once abroad, your tour escort will help you with the exchange. Get a VISA or MasterCard with sufficient funds in the account so you can access an ATM machine. Don't forget that you'll need a PIN number in order to draw from an ATM machine.

Money -- How Much to Bring
The amount of money to take depends on your buying habits and the number of meals you will have to pay for. Our tours to Mexico include no meals, and we feel that $25 - $35 per day is adequate for all three meals plus snacks and drinks.
In Europe, Continental or American Buffet Breakfast is included, and tours usually include several or all dinners. $12 - $18 for lunch and $25 or more for dinner is a good estimate. Money for souvenirs could range from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on individual tastes and budgets.

Packing and Luggage
Due to limited motorcoach capacity for luggage, you may bring only ONE suitcase. We suggest a suitcase no larger than 26" X 16" X 8", along with a flight bag. For electrical appliances, you will need an adapter and converter in Europe, but none in Mexico. Ski participants can bring with them ONE suitcase and ONE set of ski equipment (skis, boots, poles). This is strictly enforced by airline personnel. There is talk at the time of this writing about charging for luggage as well as ski equipment.

Cameras and Film
Film is somewhat outdated. Most people have digital cameras and space on your memory stick or CD can be adjusted to your needs.

All tours are filled on a first- come, first- served basis. Space can be tentatively reserved by telephone and will be guaranteed upon receipt of a $300 deposit per person and a signed tour contract. Checks should be made payable to: AIT, Inc. Please do NOT staple or attach checks in any way. Checks should be mailed to AIT only by the teacher chaperone, not by individuals. We cannot accept post-dated checks.

Attention: Teacher Chaperone and/or Group Organizer:
Along with the $300 deposit we need the full name as it appears on the tour participant's passport, AND AIT must receive two (2) signed forms appearing further down on this page.

1. Agreement (to be signed by participants and parent or guardian)
2. Student Rules of Behavior (to be signed by participants and parent or guardian)


Payment Schedule
A deposit of $300 per person is required to guarantee a reservation. Final payment is due in this office no later than 65 days prior to departure. For late bookings made less than 60 days prior, AIT requires payment in full via bank check, certified check, or money order. Bookings are usually not possible 25 days or less prior to departure. Any participant not adhering to the payment deadline will be assessed a $50 late payment charge. If all payments are not received 45 days prior to departure, it will be understood by Angersbach International Tours, Incorporated, that the participant is cancelling from the program, and as such will incur the penalties stipulated under our "Cancellations and Refunds" policy. Checks returned to AIT for Insufficient Funds or other reasons are subject to a $40 administrative fee.

Cancellations and Refunds
Full refund, less an administrative charge of $150 per person, will be given on the land portion for cancellations received, in writing, 61 days or more prior to tour departure. After that date there is a cancellation fee of $500 plus any unrecoverable monies already spent on your behalf. For cancellations received, in writing, less than 7 days prior there may be no refund whatsoever. The cancellation fee on the air portion is governed by the airlines. Cancellation insurance is strongly suggested.

Tour Rates and Conditions
Airfares and tour prices are based on direct negotiations with the air carriers, ground transportation rates, hotel rates, government regulations and monetary rates of exchange in effect at the time of printing. AIT reserves the right to adjust tour prices in the event of changes in airline tariffs, fuel surcharges which may come into effect after the tour has been priced, or changes in foreign currency rates over which AIT has no control. A notice of increase may occur even after a full payment has been made. AIT may not increase tour prices once final payment has been received and exchanged, and tickets have been issued. Right is reserved to make minor alterations in the published itinerary, change hotels (to hotels of equal quality), to substitute aircraft equipment or modes of transportation when compelled by circumstances beyond the control of AIT. AIT reserves the right to cancel a program for lack of participation. A price adjustment may need to be made if the total number of paying participants falls below the number on which the tour price was based. This price adjustment is in addition to any other price adjustment due to increases in air and land rates. If AIT cancels a program, AIT's sole obligation will be to offer the participants a full refund. AIT is not responsible for flight delays, long layovers or any expenses related to such delays. Participants must assume responsibility in the event that overnight lodging and meals in the U.S. prior to departure or upon return of international flights are necessary due to conflicting airline schedules or delays.

Any IATA carrier may be used in conjunction with the tour programs described in this catalogue. The airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not aboard their plane or conveyance. The passage contract in use by the airline concerned, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the airlines and the purchasers of the tours and/or the passengers. AIT cannot be responsible for events beyond its control, such as weather, strikes, or government restrictions; nor, in the absence of its own negligence, for personal injury or property damages caused by persons not controlled by AIT, such as (without limitation) airlines, bus companies, hotels and schools. No responsibility is incurred by AIT for loss of passport, airline tickets or other travel documents or damage to baggage or any of the passengers' belongings. The schedule of events described in the itineraries may be modified by the tour director, as well as the actual routings from city to city, without prior notice. Your agreement with AIT cannot be modified or interpreted except in writing by AIT's Manasquan office.

AGREEMENT: To be signed by both parent and student

I, ___________________________________, an applicant for one of the programs sponsored by Angersbach International Tours, Incorporated, (hereafter called AIT), agree to the following understandings binding upon myself and my parents or guardians if I am under 18 years of age. I waive any and all claims against AIT and its agents or contractors, domestic and overseas, my local school, and any staff member or teacher chaperone who will be accompanying the group, their heirs or their estate, arising from any death, injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, irregularity or expense to person or property incurred from the use of any vehicle or services, strikes, war, weather, sickness, quarantine, government restrictions or regulations, or arising from any act or omission of any steamship, railroad, airline, bus company, sightseeing, hotel or any other service or transporting company, firm, individual, or agency. I also release AIT and its agents or contractors from any financial obligations or liabilities that I may incur as an individual, or any damage or injury to the person or property of others that I may cause while participating in this program, and agree to indemnify them against any such financial obligations or liabilities.

Nothing in this form or release shall be interpreted as releasing AIT from liability arising from its negligence, or that of its employees. I understand that the air carriers' liability for loss or damage to baggage, or for death or injury to person or property, is limited by their tariffs and/or by the Warsaw Convention. AIT is not responsible for loss of, theft of or damage to my belongings including passport.

I also grant to AIT, or to any of its officers, staff or agents, the full authority to take whatever action they feel is warranted under the circumstances in regard to my health and safety. AIT or any of its officers, staff, or agents may at their discretion place me at my own or my parents' expense in a hospital at any point for medical services and treatment, or, if no hospitals are available, place me in the hands of a local medical doctor for treatment.  Further, at my own expense, (or the expense of my parents), for medical treatment if they deem this measure necessary. I further release any of these persons from any liability for such decisions or actions which my be taken on my behalf.

I understand that AIT is not responsible for my well-being during such periods of time that I may be absent from AIT supervised activities, as during times of independent travel, visits to friends and relatives and so forth.

I understand that this is a supervised program, and that appropriate standards must be observed.  I agree to maintain any such group standards as AIT may set forth, and further, to indemnify AIT and its agents or contractors against any consequences which may ensue as a result of my refusal to comply with such regulations. I certify that I have read the AIT "Student Rules of Behavior"  and I pledge to abide by them. I agree that AIT has the right to enforce these rules, standards, and instructions, and that my participation in the AIT program may at any time be terminated by AIT in the light of my failure to follow these regulations, or for any other reason which the officers of AIT may deem to be in the best interest of a student group concerned in such a case. I agree to being sent home at my own (or my parents) expense with no refund from AIT.

I understand that AIT reserves the right to make cancellations for insufficient participation. In this case AIT's sole obligation will be to make a full refund of all monies received. I understand that if I wish to cancel my reservation in an AIT program, I must do so in writing. The refund I will be entitled to will be as explained under "Important Information".

Furthermore, I realize that tour costs quoted by AIT are based on applicable tariffs, rates, currency exchange at time of printing, or estimated exchange rates, government regulations, and for this reason are subject to changes depending on those tariffs, rates, and regulations. AIT reserves the right to pass along certain price increases as may come about due to changes in tariffs, rates and regulations. I agree to pay such increases in tour cost and shall not be entitiled to cancel the tour and receive a refund solely on this ground. Any potential increases will be limited to the terms as stipulated under "Important Information". Reversal of the itinerary may sometimes be necessary.

I certify that I have received and read the "Important Information" and that I agree to all terms and conditions stated therein. I further agree that this agreement will only be effective upon my acceptance by AIT as a participant in this  program. Acceptance has been granted when my deposit check has cleared with the AIT bank.

I further agree that I will reimburse A.I.T. for costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, associated with the defense of any action brought by me in any court against A.I.T. where I am unsuccessful in obtaining judgement against A.I.T.  Should any provision of this contract be found invalid, the remaining provisions as set forth shall survive and be enforceable.

I agree that AIT has the right to select a qualified replacement for any hometown teacher chaperone who may presently be planning to accompany me overseas, in the event that he or she be unable or unwilling to continue these plans.

If I am an adult traveling on a student program, I understand that most of my traveling companions will be teenagers, and that I will not receive any preferential treatment. I am aware of, and agree to pay the adult supplement designated by AIT.

If I am not a citizen of the United States, I accept the responsibility of obtaining all the necessary documents which will be needed to participate in the tour program, as outlined in the "Important Information" under "Passports and Visas". Failure on my part, or the inability to obtain the proper documentation does not constitute grounds for withdrawal with a full refund.

I understand that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey, which shall have sole jurisdiction. If applicant is under 18 years of age, the following statement shall be completed:

I certify that the applicant is in good physical and mental health and that he or she has no special medical or physical conditions which would impede participation in the program.
I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the applicant, that I have read and that I understand the above Agreement, and that I accept and will be bound by its terms and conditions on my own behalf and on behalf of the applicant.

SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT:_____________________________________________________


SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN:_________________________________________


To be signed by both parent and student

As a participant in one of the AIT student tour programs you have chosen one of the finest educational tours on the market today. In order for us to continue our fine reputation, we require that you follow certain rules and regulations. Traveling within a foreign country will expose you to customs and a culture different from your own. You are here to experience the various differences, not to criticize or laugh at them. Accept with courtesy; learn with dilligence; be proud of your country; and your country will be proud of you.

1.  Your teacher chaperone is responsible to supervise you. Follow his or her instructions implicitly and let him or her know where you are at all times. If you have plans to visit relatives or friends and plan to be absent from the group, AIT staff must be informed in advance, and you must have written permission from parents or guardian.
2. The curfew (bedtime) for all AIT groups is midnight, unless you are under the direct supervision of a chaperone or tour director.
3. Silence is golden after 10 PM in hotel corridors and rooms. Running, shouting, slamming doors, etc., will not be tolerated at any time.
4. Punctuality for the sake of your fellow travelers is an absolute must.
5.  Alcohol consumption is allowed by AIT only at meal times in the form of beer or wine, and strictly prohibited at any other time. Your parents and chaperones have the right to place further restrictions on our rules, but they cannot waive these rules. Intoxication is grounds for immediate termination of participation in the AIT program.
6.  When you have free time for shopping, stay in groups of 3 or more. When you go  out at night, you must be accompanied by an adult.
7.  Be warned that foreign countries have much stricter drug laws than the U.S.  You are subject to the laws of the country in which you travel.  Many countries impose an immediate jail sentence for use of drugs. Your U.S. Consulate or Embassy cannot change foreign laws; they will not be able to help you. Intoxication is grounds for immediate termination of participation in the AIT program.
8.  Your travel documents are your responsibility along with your personal belongings. Neither your chaperone nor AIT can be held responsible for luggage left behind, and you are subject to all expenses incurred, if you lose your travelers checks, need a document replaced, or need your belongings forwarded.
9.  In consideration of others we cannot permit radios on the tour, unless you have earphones.  Also, smoking is strictly prohibited on the bus.
10. Inspect your hotel rooms upon check-in and inform front desk, chaperone and tour director of any damage BEFORE occupying the room. Any damage upon check-out is YOUR responsibility. Anything missing from the room becomes your responsibility, and AIT staff and chaperones have the right to inspect your luggage. Keep receipts for anything you purchase.
11. AIT has the right to enforce appropriate standards of conduct and may at any time terminate your participation in the AIT program for failure to maintain these standards, or for any actions or conduct which AIT considers to be incompatible with the interest, harmony, comfort and welfare of other students. If your participation is terminated, you consent to being sent home at your own expense (or your parents' expense) without any refund whatsoever.

 I have read and understand the above.








PLEASE NOTE: Adult travelers who are NOT teacher chaperones MUST return a fully-executed copy of this form with their deposit check(s).

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